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Beginning and End

There are two steps in every recipe that almost everyone I know takes shortcuts through – and I think they are apt analogies for how we live our lives. And strangely, the two steps are the bookend steps to a recipe.

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What better way to progress from philosophy to poetry for a post than with Caprese Salad flowers? I discovered this presentation style of tomatoes one day when I had a few extra moments to play with them. Now it is a tradition with my daughters and I as to who can arrange the most bloomingly floral versions made from tomatoes, kalamatas, mozzarella, and basil – sprinkled with our herbes de provence and balsamic / olive oil drizzle. These photos are a couple we’ve made the past week.

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Belief flowing through the mind creates ruts akin to the wagon wheel ruts along the Oregon Trail. Once an easy route is found, all traffic is shuttled into the same path without question, particularly disastrously in the event of a local maxima in your beliefs. But it is natural and necessary – and thus life needs to be a constant vigilance against questioning your own thought process. My best of friends told me once that if you are beating your head against the wall on some seemingly insurmountable issue, then the true path to resolution is to gain enough distance from the issue to realize that the wall represents a boundary that you yourself have created. Challenge those underlying assumptions that created the wall and you break through the conflict.

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Sunday hash

Sunday morning brunch is another tradition here, and nothing ties back to the past like hash. I remember my father scraping the iron skillet on Sunday mornings as a kid, and it is a tradition that will continue on to the next generation.

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Family Secrets

We all have secret family dishes that tie us to the past, like strings connecting through generations in time. I imagine recipes as string telephones albeit with a very poor connection. And often, these dishes are otherwise unknown to your present day circle of friends as they have their own special secret family dishes.

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For the Ides of March we paid homage to Henry Ford and the Industrial Revolution by talking about the assembly line. It is almost quaint now to think of the pros and cons of the assembly line – a sure sign that we are two revolutions past. The girls ate it up the discussion, as in their perspective, “assembly lines are fun!”.

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