We all have secret family dishes that tie us to the past, like strings connecting through generations in time. I imagine recipes as string telephones albeit with a very poor connection. And often, these dishes are otherwise unknown to your present day circle of friends as they have their own special secret family dishes.

And of course, these posts are to explore the intersection of food with thought – so I ponder how many of our thoughts and mindsets are strings to our past that are otherwise disconnected from those I surround myself. Bill Barlow, perhaps? To cook is an archaeological dig to root around our thoughts and history.

Family Secrets

Creamed Chipped Beef and Ring Tum Ditty (aka Rin Tin Ditty) are two such “secret” dishes for me. So what did I dig up today? On order tonight:

  1. Creamed Chipped Beef – who knew dried beef could so amazing?
  2. Homemade White Wheat Bread – thank you Ken Forkish!
  3. Braised Brussels with Cubed Prosciutto – can’t go wrong with that combo

… the secret ingredient: A spoonful of rendered Virginia Ham fat in the brussels.