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Authenticity is the pondering of the day, brought to the tastebuds with Sauerkraut Soup. More on that in a sec, but first indulge a little bit of food for the brain.

I have a natural disdain for showmanship, to an excessive degree. Take for instance an artist all snooty in their NYC lifestyle and name dropping constantly – or a business investor with an outsized ego with a flair to speak as if he was the Delphi Oracle – or a cocky biz dev guy who listens for the whispers when he walks into a room and tells you what you want, instead of listening for what you need.

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Measuring Success

One lifelong internal debate I’ve had is how to measure whether or not your life to date has been a success. Obviously I’m not into corporeal quantitative metrics (although money sadly does have a good correlation that I can not argue with). I do believe in Thoreau’s perspective of assessing from the deathbed, but it is qualitative and defensive – not to mention speculative with the exception of the one time it is too late to do anything about it.

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Dining Poets

In honor of National Poetry Day:

In my kitchen, East meets West in delicious detente
As cultures clash and clang over pots and pans.
Boiled meat – a snear and disgust by the American nose,
But greeted, amid praise and testimony by the Czech stomach.
The inevitability of conflict looms, until a common ground in Korea is found.

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