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Authenticity is the pondering of the day, brought to the tastebuds with Sauerkraut Soup. More on that in a sec, but first indulge a little bit of food for the brain.

I have a natural disdain for showmanship, to an excessive degree. Take for instance an artist all snooty in their NYC lifestyle and name dropping constantly – or a business investor with an outsized ego with a flair to speak as if he was the Delphi Oracle – or a cocky biz dev guy who listens for the whispers when he walks into a room and tells you what you want, instead of listening for what you need.

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For the Ides of March we paid homage to Henry Ford and the Industrial Revolution by talking about the assembly line. It is almost quaint now to think of the pros and cons of the assembly line – a sure sign that we are two revolutions past. The girls ate it up the discussion, as in their perspective, “assembly lines are fun!”.

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