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Theseus Decay

The posts of late have been some heavy meals, reflecting the life cookbook I am currently reading – Sean Carroll’s “Big Picture” in which he lays out the case for a poetic version of naturalism. I’ll return to some more lighter fare in a few posts – particularly as I get to touch upon the many thoughts sparked during a 10 day trip rafting down the Grand Canyon.

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Illusion of Identity

With a 4 year old at home, I’m quite conscious just how much we tend to her building of the concept of her identity – like farmers watering a field. Today I ponder the illusion behind that crop we call Identity, pulling in lessons from the two previous posts on probabilistic thought and the division between intelligence and intent. To get there, we must first Split a Chicken.

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Alright, it’s hard sometimes to keep a thought de-evolving from contemplative to just being an outright rant. And yeah, its laziness to allow it to happen. The Socratic method is a good tool to combat this slippery slope, but today I will embrace a rant to hit a passion of mine: the role of competition.

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Measuring Success

One lifelong internal debate I’ve had is how to measure whether or not your life to date has been a success. Obviously I’m not into corporeal quantitative metrics (although money sadly does have a good correlation that I can not argue with). I do believe in Thoreau’s perspective of assessing from the deathbed, but it is qualitative and defensive – not to mention speculative with the exception of the one time it is too late to do anything about it.

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Eating History

How does it feel to eat something over 3,000 years old? Whenever we have bread and beer, we are touching upon some foundational foods dating back to the start (perhaps even a significant cause) of civilization. Their ingredients are nearly identical, and you can use one to make the other.

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