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We have a saying in our house that “Boredom is indication that you aren’t being creative enough” – and with kids in the house, this has proven to be an easily digestible life learning to emphasize even at a young age.

That’s why I have an internal struggle of late in my own boredom in finding new people that break the perception I would otherwise have immediately upon meeting them. For those lovers of the Art of Human Nature, you learn pretty quickly how to assess people quickly and know their motivations and insecurities. I’m blessed to know some truly amazing people in my life with accomplishments and mindsets that leave me in awe.

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Eating History

How does it feel to eat something over 3,000 years old? Whenever we have bread and beer, we are touching upon some foundational foods dating back to the start (perhaps even a significant cause) of civilization. Their ingredients are nearly identical, and you can use one to make the other.

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Fanaticism — The word fanatical has gotten a bad rap. Fanatic implies passion, and passion is the antidote for an uneventful life that fails Thoreau’s litmus test for a life worth living. And so it is with a friend of ours that is fanatical about her biscuits. This includes monthly shipments of the special flour direct from the manufacturer.

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I was all set to share stories of my Corned Beef and Hash for St. Patrick’s day, when one of our dearest of neighbors dropped off a cranberry Irish soda bread, neatly wrapped in parchment and twine. Like most photos here, I struggled to get a picture taken before it was all devoured. And ouch, it was SOOO much better than any I’ve ever made. Jealousy stings, particularly when my girls seconded the observation.

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