For the Ides of March we paid homage to Henry Ford and the Industrial Revolution by talking about the assembly line. It is almost quaint now to think of the pros and cons of the assembly line – a sure sign that we are two revolutions past. The girls ate it up the discussion, as in their perspective, “assembly lines are fun!”.

The Assembly Line

The product of our assembly line was Smažený Květák – breaded cauliflower. Funny to think that a much-despised-by-kids-food in the U.S. is a beloved-kids-food in the Czech Republic – and our family too. Yet another example where something deemed disagreeable blooms into a thing of wonder with a slight change in perspective. When served with blue cheese dressing, ah!, it is heaven!

Smazeny Kvetak

Secret ingredients: Salish salt, mint and ground cumin in the bread crumbs. Yeah, not czechish, but adds umph.