Belief flowing through the mind creates ruts akin to the wagon wheel ruts along the Oregon Trail. Once an easy route is found, all traffic is shuttled into the same path without question, particularly disastrously in the event of a local maxima in your beliefs. But it is natural and necessary – and thus life needs to be a constant vigilance against questioning your own thought process. My best of friends told me once that if you are beating your head against the wall on some seemingly insurmountable issue, then the true path to resolution is to gain enough distance from the issue to realize that the wall represents a boundary that you yourself have created. Challenge those underlying assumptions that created the wall and you break through the conflict.

So this thought taken against my previous post on the glory of bias, the happy medium I believe is to question everything when you are not in the flow, but rely on instinct when you are in the flow. … or do I have that backwards, I must question?

Weeping Eggplants

To the culinary world, I always couldn’t handle the thought of eggplant. Then 10 years back, I broke through that shallow thinking and discovered how wondrous they are. Sadly, the itching tongue allergic reaction to them grows each year, and they are moving back out of my reach. Perhaps I just need to challenge my thoughts and embrace the itching as part of the flavor!

Mint Yoghurt Eggplants

So the meal – grilled eggplant with mint cumin yogurt sauce, teriyaki chicken thighs, grilled asparagus and an extra mint lamb kabob to remind us that summer is around the corner.

Secret Ingredient: mint on eggplant? Oh, yeah.

Music accompaniment: Riptide by Vance Joy