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Fanaticism — The word fanatical has gotten a bad rap. Fanatic implies passion, and passion is the antidote for an uneventful life that fails Thoreau’s litmus test for a life worth living. And so it is with a friend of ours that is fanatical about her biscuits. This includes monthly shipments of the special flour direct from the manufacturer.

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Family Secrets

We all have secret family dishes that tie us to the past, like strings connecting through generations in time. I imagine recipes as string telephones albeit with a very poor connection. And often, these dishes are otherwise unknown to your present day circle of friends as they have their own special secret family dishes.

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I was all set to share stories of my Corned Beef and Hash for St. Patrick’s day, when one of our dearest of neighbors dropped off a cranberry Irish soda bread, neatly wrapped in parchment and twine. Like most photos here, I struggled to get a picture taken before it was all devoured. And ouch, it was SOOO much better than any I’ve ever made. Jealousy stings, particularly when my girls seconded the observation.

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