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Intelligence And Intent

I’ve been digesting some heavy food of late, so for those few readers of these missives, I beg your patience as I make my way through some heavy courses still coming out from the kitchen of my mind. So, again, let’s prep this course with a small appetizer of actual food before getting to thought. Tonight, I share with you Carnitas.

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The concept of bias sure does get a bad rap, given its literary relation to prejudice. But bias touches on that instinctual assessment of people we all must do to separate those who bring food to a relationship – whether financial or metaphysical – and those who will only by a feeder of the bounty that you bring to the table. And bias is the accumulation of all those past interactions and scars so that you can optimize the time to find the most fruitful relationships. So in my mind, bias is critically important – not for a meaningful life – but rather for an efficiently meaningful life. And there is economically nothing more scarce in life than time, thus anything that allows optimization of it should be held on a high pedestal. So glory to bias, it is experience being coy under the understandable witch hunt for prejudice – it just occasionally needs to be questioned to make sure it has not run amok.

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Pi day

It was Pi day yesterday… to help the kids with their approximations, we made Tamale Pie ala cast iron skillet. We then finished it off with two fruit pies, yielding a total of 3.1415 pi’s consumed (approximately).

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