We have a saying in our house that “Boredom is indication that you aren’t being creative enough” – and with kids in the house, this has proven to be an easily digestible life learning to emphasize even at a young age.

That’s why I have an internal struggle of late in my own boredom in finding new people that break the perception I would otherwise have immediately upon meeting them. For those lovers of the Art of Human Nature, you learn pretty quickly how to assess people quickly and know their motivations and insecurities. I’m blessed to know some truly amazing people in my life with accomplishments and mindsets that leave me in awe.

But… I’m getting that comfortably numb feeling when it comes to people… Thoreau left the woods because he had begun to create paths in places he went to because they had no paths. I’m getting that itch to break out of my comfort zone and stop feeling that humanity is so damn predictable. And if I don’t, then my own creativity is to be called into question.

Pizza Prep

And that’s how we get to pizza. Pizza is great because there is an infinite amount of variety to make from it. And a pizza party is one of the easiest and enlightening way to learn about others. No party tonight, but that didn’t stop us from making four different pizzas for dinner!

Secret Ingredient: Zattar! (Worthy of its own post one day)

Music Accompaniment: Sappy 80’s love songs from Chicago, Journey, and Steve Winwood