Blueberry Sausage you ask? Really?

But first, I’m still stuck on examining the persistence of belief today, my wagon wheels rutted in my search for a new thought along the west coast of my mind.

Blueberry Sausage

I have long desired to have a padded white room with no outside influence to let my mind run through fields of original thought without the weight of external stimuli. Idealistic thought, eh? The fact that the image resembles that of a madhouse does not escape me.

I remember holding off on reading Kant so that I could resolve Descartes strictly on my own terms without Kant offering his own complex solution first. Sadly, I never revisited Kant – and in the end, am a weaker soul as a result.

Bread Drying

And ultimately, when I catch myself with breakthroughs in my thinking, it is by far more common to be the result of interacting with someone else than in my own white room. I’m a mixture of shame and frustration with that realization, as I can’t stand Wyoming tall in rough rugged individualism to say “yeah, that’s my idea.” So external engagement is necessary, and therefore the opportunity cost to step out of the daily comfort zone must never be undervalued.

French Toast

So, I celebrate that necessary expediency of stepping out by cooking up some Blueberry Sausage for our Sunday Brunch. Kudos to Barbur World Foods for the idea. If you can add maple to sausage, why not a more complex sugar instead? Add in some challah French Toast and now you’re cooking.

Challah French Toast

Secret ingredients: orange rind and crushed almonds on the bread coating, Cointreau Officiel in the egg mixture.

Music accompaniment: Put The Message in a Box by World Party