School lunch for dinner day – remember days of old with Sloppy Joes made from Manwich sauce? Ah, simpler days…

To that end, I’m blessed to have children raised in the belief that an unexamined life is not worth living. So with our simple meal tonight we got to talk about Occam’s razor and the Gordian Knot. I was quite pleased when one daughter was able to guess the solution for the knot before being told. Ah, tonight was a father’s dream.

Now back to the meal – sadly, I can’t find Manwich sauce anymore – although it is so easy to make from scratch you can’t blame them. I did the opposite and went high class with some Sloppy Joe Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen. Through in some waffle fries and cream of corn, and you’ve got memories and nostalgia for dinner tonight.

School Lunch Day

Secret Ingredient: I couldn’t help but to add a touch of cumin

Music Accompaniment: Colbie Caillat