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The human ego is quite the fickle and hungry beast. Like a female engineer, a male home cook has to tame and nurture that ego like the parent of an intellectually challenged child. For the longest time, I could only rely on the preparation of beef and grillwork to nourish the beast – but thankfully my wife recently gave me a Carhart apron, which has served as ample fresh food for the overcompensating ego.

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There is an epic struggle in the human psyche between choice and happiness. Giving people a choice gives them a sense of control, which leads to empowerment. But in the end, it really is happiness that holds the trump card for long term satisfaction – and the kicker is that people are generally happier with less choice not more. Think of how Steve Jobs upon his return to Apple immediately cut out the bulk of their SKUs to hone the message and get their customers happy.

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Pi day

It was Pi day yesterday… to help the kids with their approximations, we made Tamale Pie ala cast iron skillet. We then finished it off with two fruit pies, yielding a total of 3.1415 pi’s consumed (approximately).

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