To Do:

  • Play 10 songs on a guitar that family can sing to
  • Learn to kayak
  • Demolition derby
  • Travel northwest passage by boat
  • Ride ski-doo
  • My Margaret in st Helen’s (frank Selker)
  • Lanterns being launched all together
  • Green island and lady Elliot island in Australia
  • Boat pulled Paragliding over the open ocean (Miami Beach?)
  • Horse back expedition in the wallowas (David and Jodi)
  • Hike the PCT for an extended period of time
  • New Years in Yellowstone in cross country skiing
  • Enchantment mountains by Leavenworth (frank Selker) – get a shuttle – 18 mile
  • Goat rocks – near packwood – knife ridge
  • Chuck hare – $3.3k – guided tour down the length of Baja in Mexico

To Visit:

  • Go to the Amazon rainforest
  • Hike longs peak
  • Mt St Helens
  • Rio de J.
  • Meteora Monastery in Greece
  • Ice hotel in Europe
  • San Miguel
  • Newfoundland
  • Tonga Tonga
  • Be on the rock of Gibraltar
  • The overnight cabin on hood that you snowcat to
  • Yellowstone old faithful over New Years
  • Indonesia – misool island
  • Beach side natural soaking pools north of Vancouver BC
  • isle royale
  • Angkor, Cambodia
  • Capetown, SA
  • Ronda, Malaga province, Spain
  • Synchronous fireflies in Thailand
  • Diving in galopogas
  • Go to Halifax during their celebration week with the Drummers
  • Santiago de compostela
  • Stump’s Alpenrose / the Aescher / Gasthaus Aescher
  • Bio luminescence bay in Puerto Rico
  • La Nouvelle, Reunion Island
  • Ice hotel in the alps

Recently Completed

  • Sagrada familia in Barcelona,
  • Budapest
  • Mont Saint Michel, chapel on the side
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