Below are various yearbooks from over the years… and when I say years, some of these reach into lifetimes ago. Because the net is a gnarly place, these sites are largely password protected. To access the yearbooks, you will need to answer one really basic challenge question about me. If you do not know the answer to the challenge question, consider it an excuse to reach out to me and I’ll gladly share it with you.

Yearbooks: GLEEEE

2005 – Present

For the most recent yearbooks, please check out the gleeee family website 

Yearbooks: 2000s


It is a new millennium, a new life.

Yearbooks: Em

Back in the days when I had time to create yearbooks not just for myself, but one for Em as well 🙂

Note: Private website, see note above

Yearbooks: 1990s


Yearbooks from a previous lifetime.

Note: Private website, see note above