Verb, Action

Verb, Action

Data is inherently a noun in form. The internet is inherently a noun in form. When in a foreign environment, you need 10 basic verbs and 100 nouns in order to communicate the intent; the representation of self is essentially at the same state. To reach the important subtleties in full fluency (perhaps cosmic importance of the trivial), we need to incorporate verbs in our legacy-based concept of self.

Silence is an instantiation of action, only a lack of action. Through verbs we interact with others, through verbs we gain intelligence and learn, through verbs we inherently and reflexively be. The noun is the realm of the engineer, the scientist. The verb is owned exclusively by the artist. They are the only ones who can capture the flow inherent in a verb. The noun is fact via vicarious observation; the verb is action via living participation. Without a verb, we are nothing but bits on a hard drive, pictures without meaning. Music knows what it means to be a verb. Smoke rising is a verb. Try capturing smoke rising on a wikipedia, which is inherently noun-based, fact-based.

I have all this data of who I am, but it is all in the end – data, a noun. It needs action. I need my data interacting with other people’s data – verbs. I want to store all my data, noun, in the internet collective and have it interact with others for me, looking for those people who are far enough from me to be stimulating, but close enough to be consumable. As the internet explodes with data-nouns describing people’s lives, we need to find the verb that will allow them to connect, interact.

The most basic form of a verb is the transition from one thought to the next. The brain in motion is the purest instantiation of a verb.

If you can form a model of the verb, of capturing the verb, as the internet and digital data is the model for capturing the noun, then the entity moves from being ephemeral to eternal with the help of the internet. (An artificial immortality subject to the kindness of future generations, true – but what are graves?). Immortality aside and better yet, the soul moves to being active in the present for you universally, adding action to global connectivity. My soul will be able to seek out others to engage [verb] with and find new patterns [nouns] of thought beyond the existing physical restrictions of locality. My “avatar” has conversations, actions, with others for me, and reports back to me on the lessons and potential new thought patterns. Imagine waking up each morning with a top three list of new ways of thinking, as generated by your avatar after it has talked to 1,000 people that night.

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