Top things to do in Portland, Oregon

Mark Leavy put together this adhoc list of things to do in Portland, Oregon. I love it.

where to go for the opera/symphony/David Sedaris/Stephen Hawking/


The art museum

The huge art college in the center of the Pearl.

hip, alternative community

The "square" in the center of town.  Frequent free lunchtime performances, etc...

Great larger plays

Great small venue plays (Great job on "night of the iguana")  (

Largest/Best bookstore (in the world?)  Regular readings, performances, etc.

Get the scoop on *any* piece of property in portland

Short of San Francisco/New York, some of the best restaurants I've ever been to

Saturday night blues and beer by people who are barely off the street.  Amazing.

Waterfront park is just a short walk from my house - where there are summer festivals and music going nearly every weekend

All of the art galleries in the Pearl district are free on the first Thursday of the month.  The neighborhood becomes pedestrian and infested with beautiful people wearing black and sipping wine.

The Classical Chinese gardens are always hosting some performance or another.

Well, what would Portland be with PICA and the (in)famous Dada Ball?

Craig's list for Oregon.  Yea, well it *is* craig's list

Not exactly Portland, but a *very* popular and highly regarded Shakespearean festival.

Naked hippies in the summertime

The annual jazz festival

The annual blues festival

The annual battle of the bands, where one fee will get you into virtually every night club in Portland for a week to see hundreds of bands.

The annual international film festival (A week of over 100 independent international films shown around town)

One of the many independent film houses:  (many also serve beer and wine with the movie)

The trendy new independent newspaper

The greatest video store on earth:

And that's just a start!!!!
To keep you going, here are a *bunch* of links to the various art venues (sorted by neighborhood)