Portland Oregon Ingress Hotspots and Farms

Want to know where to find dense hotspots of Ingress portals in Portland, OR? Need help decoding location acronyms for Portland locations and farms? This is a handy decoder ring covers the most common areas discussed in comms/chats/hangouts.

For generic Ingress abbreviations not specific to Portland, check out these the first and second link from google on

Abbreviation Link Location Fullname
ALB Intel Map Alberta
CCC Intel Map Clackamas Community College
CU Intel Map Concordia University
DT Intel Map Downtown Portland
DTH Intel Map Downtown Hillsboro
DTT Intel Map Downtown Tigard
EC Intel Map Estacada
FC Intel Map Fanno Creek, Tualatin
FG Intel Map Forest Grove
FoHo Intel Map Foster to Hawthorne (Route)
The Fort Intel Map Fort Vancouver Farm
FRMT Intel Map Freemont
HBO Intel Map Hillsboro Area
GRSH Intel Map Gresham Area
HF Intel Map Holly Farm
HT Intel Map Hawthorne Blvd Strp
HEMRG Intel Map Harold Eastman Memorial Rose Garden
MW, MILW Intel Map Milwaukie
SPB Intel Map South Park Blocks
LC, L&C, LCC Intel Map Lewis and Clark College
LO Intel Map Lake Oswego
MU Intel Map Marylhurst University
MV, The Village Intel Map Multnomah Village
OC Intel Map Oregon City
OT Intel Map Old Town
OZ, Zoo Intel Map The Oregon Zoo
PCC-S Intel Map Portland Community College - Sylvania
PCC-RC Intel Map Portland Community College - Rock Creek
PSU Intel Map Portland State University
RG Intel Map Rose Garden
TCP Intel Map Town Center Park in Wilsonville
SAN Intel Map Sandy
TD Intel Map Troutdale
UP Intel Map University of Portland
VMP Intel Map Veteran's Memorial Park in Beaverton
VB, Vill Intel Map Villebois - Wilsonville area
Washougal Intel Map Washougal area (4-5 clustsers)
WF Intel Map Waterfront Park (East/West)
WTC Intel Map World Trade Center (aka "Where Toads are Cool")
WMV Intel Map West Multnomah Village

Want to know where different players operate? Want a quick hotlink to your own play area - send me (FaxMelior) a link in GroupMe and I will add it to the list below.
Player Link Location Fullname
FaxMelior Intel Map Alberta