Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion

I was inspired this morning by a warm shower to write down my beliefs in a nutshell. Perhaps Dawkins words seeped through my sandstone only to reach an impenetrable strata, and came out like water at the Weeping Rock. Or just consider it a minor epiphany.

  • I believe in and support the power of religion to do great good in the world, but also abhor its power to do great evil
  • I believe all religions have earthly origins in humanity’s shared consciousness
  • I believe there is no reason to believe in a greater being or creator, and that if such an entity were to exist that they would be wholy and enitrely indifferent to the fate of not just humanity, but to all of life in existence.
  • I believe in humanity’s need for definitions and thus ascribe to the term XXX to represent these beliefs.

Post note: 10/2018 – yeah, I never converged on the term XXX to understandable words given that everything is pretty overloaded. That said, Sean Carroll’sPoetic Naturalism” is really close to hitting the mark.

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